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Camelot:The pursuit of excellence in equestrianism

A Lone Oak!




There are many, many trees in the forest of riding instructors, coaches & trainers. 

Very few have the depth of knowledge AND breadth of experience to rise above the rest.  

Claire Lacey does.... AND has the skills and passion to share it with you! 

With over 40 years of experience & study we rise above the norm for rider education!


This unusually high level of knowledge comes from being involved as a Professional in many facets of equestrianism plus riding at Top Level in Competition in several disciplines. This has created a deep working knowledge based on real experience and an instinctive understanding of what skills are needed.

This is not just about accomplishments (although there have been plenty), but has created an exceptional ability to analyze, break things down & give insights & instruction in a way that is easily understood irrespective of age or experience of student.


"I see the Big Picture & love to draw on my experiences across the boundaries of riding styles to see what is needed & have riders get that by the most direct route." C.L.

"Having trained with some of the worlds best & also trained specifically in the art of  clear communication, the quality of teaching Claire provides is truly exceptional." V.B.


Many students have benefitted experiencing breakthroughs & results from her clear explanations, imagery & insight. 

Schooled in Advanced Level Physics, Biology & Chemistry there is a clear understanding of the physiology & psychology of the horse & rider & how those how this relates to classical training where form really does follow function! This helps us build the horse & rider correctly to enhance performance and promote soundness- all taught with respect for the horse & rider! 

There is no substitute for knowledge & experience whether starting out riding or driving or looking for solutions to blockages in your progression. I offer lessons on your horse at your facility, Trailer in lessons or lessons on one of my horses at Camelot, Barefoot Trimming & consulting on many equestrian issues.

Set Specific Measurable goals.

- Identify & remove the blockages that are stopping your progress 

- Learn the Why's to understand your map & how to get there

- Learn how your position influences your horse

- Learn exercises that build on each other to progress correctly

- Structured proven curriculum tailored to your needs and ability

- Address holes in your riding/ training to avoid back tracking later!


My goal is helping you achieving your dreams & equestrian goals whatever your level of experience or aspirations. Don't be discouraged by the impressive resume- I love helping riders start right too! Reasonable rates. I share the passion of horses with all who want to learn or improve from 5 to 95!

CAMELOT was a dream, an ideal, something I worked towards since I was 8 years old sharing what I had learned in my dad's garage with my friends! A small farm that would house my personal horses & allow a few students who were really interested in learning to do it right on horses that were treated with respect & values instead of the more usual "worked into minimal responsiveness with shut down personalities".


To be a good rider you have to know about the horse & be able to understand it- not just demand & give it orders. You are in a partnership that needs you to become a leader. The physical control & self discipline of learning to be in calm, confident communication gives amazing skills that translate to many things in life. For all my experience I gain as much satisfaction from seeing a student start out right as I do in decoding the most subtle of issues for an advanced rider


Horses are great mirrors! Learning in an environment that involves horses of many stages helps us understand more what we seek & create a better way of learning. Thinking horsemanship creating leadership & team! Contact me for more information.





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