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Our Horses-under revision but says a lot about who we are!

Congruent with our training philosophies most of our horses are well rounded individuals with multi-discipline skills. Many have demonstrated their level of training in competition proving their capabilities. Their soundness & longevity is a testament not only to our care but also to the training program & how we ride them. We honor & thank them. Our retirees are cared for into old age too- not dumped at auction for slaughter like some places do. They are supported in part by purchases of Arbonne health & beauty & Melaleuca products. If you would like to place an order please contact me through this website.


TONY is a 16.2hh Thoroughbred Gelding. He has jumped 3', Shown successfully in dressage up through First Level & is great for the Novice, intermediate or advanced rider & very popular with our adult novice riders. He will also carry a sidesaddle. With a solid build and temperament he is great for those looking to overcome confidence issues. NOW ENJOYING A WELL EARNED RETIREMENT!



YANKEE is a wonderful QH cross. Medium size  at 15.2hh & having accumulated some years knowledge and experience he is very popular with our younger riders and those just starting out. A former PVDA Young Rider Champion in his day he knows a thing or two. He also loves to jump & still likes to do a course once in a while- winning a 2'6" jumper class just a couple of years ago! Bananas and ginger snaps are his favorite treats! Yankee Retired sound in 2014



is a 16.2hh Throughbred & one of our success stories having come off the racetrack with a fractured leg. After careful & lengthy healing & retraining he is sound & strong. A very gentle soul who loves other animals. He has shown hunters winning series awards at 2'6, Has completed Beginner eventing & won jumper classes at 2'6 & 3'. Sir Lancelot Retired due to minor arthritis in 2014


ROCKY is a powerful 16.3hh QH. He can jump 2'6 but specializes in dressage where he is working regularly at 2nd level and above and offers training in more advanced movements. A wonderful horse for developing a correct and influential seat. He has competed very successfully in Schooling & Rated dressage shows. ROCKY RETIRED 2011& crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in 2015 Thank You Rocky for all your efforts & training of us! 


MERLIN is a 16hh Trakhener. Originally with some advanced dressage training & having undergone an extensive hoof & body rehabilitation process he is now sound again & working well in dressage. We have just started jumping him a little. Very friendly & engaging he is particularly popular with teenagers. Clicker trained too!




LADY is a 15.2 powerhouse TWH cross mare. She events, jumps 3' does dressage at First Level & has recently tried some polo. We are certainly multi-discipline here! A fun horse for a more advanced rider. Lacy RETIRED IN 2011 and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in 2015






SIR TRISTAN is a 16.2hh Thoroughbred. One of my rehab projects from an auction he had major trust issues. He is now working well with Advanced Intermediate riders & in dressage, jumping & eventing. As he builds confidence he is showing tremendous potential & ability jumping which he really enjoys. He has done as high as 3' here but needs more experience to get comfortable. privately owned!


KING ARTHUR is a 17hh Dutch Warmblood by CONSUL with advanced dressage capabilities and quite a jump too. Another horse who has undergone major hoof & body rehabilitation. We are looking forward to exploring his considerable talents.




SIR GEORGE  is a 17hh Thoroughbred. With "A" rated hunter experience he is stepping down his show level intensity and broadening his experience adding dressage and cross country to his skills. Great potential event horse! He Has a wonderful friendly personality. 












MINUTEMAN is a 15.2hh pinto. Highly intelligent and multi-talented he is providing growth and opportunities for more advanced young riders. He has tremendous scope jumping and loves to catch your attention! He has competed very Successfully in Jumpers winning many ribbons & is now working on dressage in preparation for doing some Eventing. Privately owned


PERCY is a very intelligent  Welsh/ Thorougbred cross. A beautiful young horse, I am restarting him and gaining his trust after a very rough start in life elsewhere. Not a lesson horse but part of our herd and our commitment to help horses discover something better about humans. He was rescued from a certain trip to slaughter & working with one of our advanced students & responding well.



More to come... This page is under revision as are some other areas of our website.