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Start Right at Camelot

With our Start Right program we welcome new students of all levels and ages as young as 5 years old. The only requirement is a desire to learn! Space is limited but we feel it is important to offer the opportunity to Start Right for those who really want to learn in an environment where safety, knowledge & attention to detail are present. Ideal for after school or home school this program also includes unmounted units on essential aspects of horse knowledge that are often missed!

Riding is all about developing clear communication, listening & leadership. Understanding how horse & rider bodies & minds interact to create dialog & harmony in motion & being. At Camelot we aspire to create a whole that is more than the sum of it's parts. We create an empowered way of being that carries through to other areas of life. In a fast paced world we create a way to find your own path on a journey that brings pleasure for a lifetime.

Our teaching retains the universal truths that have been handed down through the ages combined with the latest in sports technology and teaching methods keeping it fun & students engaged in learning!

Lessons are usually private to maximize benefit to the student. We look to progress within the rider's individual comfort zone recognizing that  what you learn on a "survival level" may not be correct or effective communication with a horse and is very hard to change! At the same time we encourage measurable progress through goal setting with the opportunity to show either in-house or at Open Shows in the area. 


Lessons are 45 minute sessions scheduled on the hour.

For beginner students that will include time instructing and assisting in getting the horse ready but as you become familiar with that process you should allow approximately 30 minutes to prepare so we can maximize our riding time.

 You should also allow some time afterwards to take care of your horse and equipment.   


 For students new to riding we provide the use of ASTM approved headgear to allow you to try out riding without making an  initial investment in equipment. 

We currently teach every day of the week except Saturday and include some evenings in our lit sand arena.

We offer lessons year round as riding is a non-linear learning and needs regular practice to progress.

We try to find a time slot that is likely to work on a regular basis but understand that life occurs and we may need to reschedule to accommodate that or weather issues.

In case of inclement weather we offer the options of rescheduling as a "Make up" or an unmounted lesson which supports our growth and knowledge. We like to be as proactive in that as possible to maintain continuity & progress.    

We offer lessons individually and in packages. The packages are mutually beneficial in providing a discount but also a commitment to ride which helps us optimize managing our horses so they are not overused  but continue to maintain the training level they have or better. Any lessons that need to be rescheduled are considered "make ups" and should be used up within two weeks of the end of the current package.

CONTACT US for Current Rates & availability

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available in any whole dollar amount and may be combined and used as partial payment on packages. 

Lessons are available for beginner through advanced in dressage, jumping, eventing and driving. See my resume for more information.

 If you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit or lessons please contact us through the form provided on this site and we will be happy to assist.